Our Mission

We are on a mission to implement our CARE philosophy of education.

We help children to love learning by nurturing Creativity. Building a positive Attitude. Develop tender Relationships with their parents and families and make them to Explore the world in a unique perspective.

We deliver on our goal of CARE, by providing a collaborative environment and not a competitive rat race. We help children to develop LOVE towards LEARNING, which is a foundation for lifelong learning to make them world leaders instead of running in the rat race.

Our Methodology

We help children by offering programs to sow the seeds for lifelong learning instead making them bookworms.

The kind of parents who love our services are the ones who want to nurture the brilliance in their child and not just focus on pressure based academic learning of giving home works, burdening the children and limiting the child's true learning.

Our services are all about FUN learning, SAY and DO (Activity) based teaching that provides holistic learning.

Unlike most schools we offer weekly themes and often upgrade the curriculum with experts, we teach by creative story telling where we take the children to a different level of imagination world. We focus on brain development of children by using 5 senses (Touch, Taste, smell, sound, See) and 5 elements Space, Air, Earth, Water and Fire. We focus on developing 8 intelligences by providing activities like martial arts, dance, yoga & meditation as part of curriculum with a team of experts in an entertaining way not burdening the children.

What our Parents Say

Sha Manyu Global School

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